Conservatori Liceu

“Growing together” campaign 2022

The Liceu Conservatory has commissioned us to create a global campaign to celebrate its 185th anniversary.

It seemed important to focus our creativity on this centre’s consistent educational work over the years, but also on its ability to read and adapt to the prevailing social reality at any given time and align with future trends. We have also sought to highlight the Liceu Conservatory’s engagement with society.

The campaign claim we have chosen is Liceu Conservatory, 185 years growing together, and we have visualised the Liceu Conservatory’s footprint in society as the inseparable, faithful shadow that accompanies our every step.

This visual metaphor helps us convey the idea that music is our constant companion and that the Liceu Conservatory’s values are integrated in society, forming an unbreakable relationship.

The photos follow a minimalist approach with the goal of:

    • Taking the image to a clean, spacious conceptual framework.
    • Engaging the viewer in interpreting the image. Poetry instead of literality.
    • Highlighting the figure and its shadow.
    • Leaving space for the campaign’s logo and any messages that it may be wished to add.

Creativity / Production