Adda Sinfónica 2020-21


At a time in our history when COVID 19 has called into question the functioning of so many aspects of our society, we have created a global campaign for Adda Symphony. In this campaign we trace a path towards light and hope, proposing the reunion with our own essence to build a new future from culture and art.

The campaign we have created is entitled Essentia, origin in Latin

Its title inspires us with concepts such as the principle, the source, the authenticity, the depth, the substance, the entity, all of them that appeal to the immediate connection that music establishes with our spirit.

Visually, we witness the deconstruction of the orchestra. The nudity of the musicians highlights their fragility and at the same time, the beauty of the transmutation of their bodies fused with the materials of their instruments.

Essentia, in our opinion, has a campaign approach with a balance between background and aesthetics, with a touch of striking enigma that causes the active involvement of the public for the interpretation of it.

We collaborated with Opisso Studio to take care of all the graphic applications in the campaign.

Strategy / Creativity / Production


Essentia - Adda Sinfonica 2020-21
Essentia - Adda Sinfonica 2020-21
Essentia - Adda Sinfonica 2020-21
Essentia - Adda Sinfonica 2020-21