Ópera de Tenerife

Volcano of emotions

2019-2020 Season
Ópera de Tenerife commissioned Igor Studio to design the creative campaign for the new 2019-2020 season. This campaign includes both a general video and individual videos presenting each of the titles for TV, together with the images and graphic material for the posters that will be used to promote both the season and each of the operas.

Mount Teide, the source of the island’s inspirational force, evokes a connection with the transformative explosion of emotions that we feel when we are immersed in the music and what is happening on the stage. Igor Studio has used this association to create the concept for the season, with the following slogan:  Ópera de Tenerife. Volcano of emotions. This slogan has provided the common thread for a campaign that combines different natural settings in the island of Tenerife and the emotional power of opera.

Different details of the landscape that reflect elements related with the content of each of the season’s titles are included in the operas’ signage, fusing plot, landscape and title. Thus, each image becomes an allegory of what the messages conveyed by opera can say to us today and their continued relevance in spite of the distance separating us from the works’ creators.

Typographies by Norte Studio, and with the collaboration of AirMedia360 Drones.

Strategy / Creativity / Production

March 2019