SYMPHONY is a travelling, immersive project that brings the music of the greatest composers to the general public.

An innovative experience, presented within a large technological installation, makes it possible for the public to enjoy an immersive journey in virtual reality, 360° technology and 3D sound, with the collaboration of Gustavo Dudamel, one of the most important directors of our time.

We travel to the heart of music, clearing a path for the general public to understand the torrent of emotions that the music by the greatest composers has to offer.

With the executive production of Fundación La Caixa, creative direction by Igor Studio and international participation of postproduction companies such as Glasworks, Visualice (Live action) and The Production Club, Igor Cortadellas has written and directed this project, now presented after two years in the making.

With SYMPHONY, this new audience will have the chance to experience music from within an orchestra, one of the most exciting revelations we can imagin.

Gustavo Dudamel guides us and highlights the didactic spirit of the experience, helping us discover the reasons why music, with its universal, timeless and boundless message, has accompanied us since our origins.

Through music, we express everything that sets us apart from all other beings: the ability to share joy, sadness, fear and peace, longing and comfort, the urgency of love and bigger issues.

SYMPHONY is an initiation experience, like a great book open on the first page, inviting us always to continue reading the next page

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