Passions – ADDA Simfònica

After six seasons of working together to project the artistic career of ADDA Simfònica, we have continued along this path once again, reinforcing its personal image to reflect the character of the ensemble and the global strength of the project.

Each of ADDA Simfònica’s productions is created to reach a wide and inclusive audience. The repertoire, the staging, the projections, and its interpretative style have allowed the classical repertoire to reach much further afield. With this way of understanding the show, ADDA Simfònica shows itself to be a unique, courageous, unprejudiced and countercurrent ensemble.

Faced with this challenge, Igor Studio conceived a disruptive campaign that unites the density of the great classics of music with the bold strength of the orchestra and the conductor, Josep Vicent.

With these premises in mind, a campaign was created that includes photography, a poster and material for social networks on which members of the orchestra wear historical costumes representing different classical periods, mixed with elements of the present day, expressing a combination of the utmost visual beauty.

A campaign that reflects the actuality and the validity of the great authors when they are presented from an artistic project that renews an established way of understanding classical music.

Strategy / Creativity / Production