Light – Camerata Salzburg

One of the most prestigious orchestras in the world, Camerata Salzburg, has set itself the challenge of presenting its concert series, both in the city of its birth and on its international tours, with a new image that makes them feel reflected.

The light

The Music lights your way campaign was looking for a concept that would unite the immense musical and artistic tradition that accompanies this reference band, and at the same time transmit their incredible magnetism and capacity to inspire with the music they perform. The light was this element. The light of Salzburg, its beauty and at the same time the light that the orchestra radiates from the heart of Europe.

Through the light that reaches us, focused from inside a stringed instrument, we suggest the link between music and the yearning for the expansion of the spirit.

A light that invites us to let ourselves be carried away by the beauty of music, a light that highlights all that it touches, the beauty of the music. Everything it touches, the beauty of our surroundings, the beauty within us, the beauty of communicating through art.

For this reason, we worked on photographs of emblematic and inspiring places in the city of Salzburg and its surroundings, as well as individual portraits of each member of the orchestra playing with the same light, and a series of audiovisual capsules.

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