Beyond limits – Telefónica & Lang Lang

One hundred years have passed since Telefónica, one of the most outstanding technology companies based on innovation at the service of connection between people. To celebrate this historic moment, the company was proposed to hold an exceptional concert in which art and technology would join hands to generate a unique memory, showing through visual beauty and music Telefónica’s leadership capacity in the field of communication. And all this, from the hand of one of the best pianists in the world: Lang Lang.

In the Beyond Limits concert, together with Lang Lang, we chose a repertoire that would take us from the introspective to the festive, from the immaterial to the tangible. The lighting and scenic treatment had the mission of enhancing a communication bridge through which the link between the artist and the audience passed.

In the first part of the concert, Lang Lang’s performance expanded to create contemplative tableaux, visual landscapes. Suggest more than say. Simply inviting you to let yourself be carried away by the beauty of music.

In the second block of works, we delve into the heart of the artist, into his most intimate self. We breathe with Lang Lang, who showed the intimate feeling of his soul that manifested itself to the viewer in the form of sound beauty and visual projection. The process of transforming emotions into a plastic projection was built from the set of data captured by sensors installed on the artist.

Culminating this trip, the time came for the creation of an interactive collective work to celebrate Telefónica’s anniversary, with the public participating in a work for piano and 1,200 mobile phones.
This unique experience culminated with a song to imagination, to fantasy. Thanks to holographic technology, it was possible to create the illusion of listening to the best pianist in the world playing on a non-existent piano. Imagination or technology?

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