Project “Haydn Sonatas”

Harmonia Mundi

Renowned pianist Paul Lewis is about to present a long-term project with the complete Haydn sonatas for Harmonia Mundi. In words of the artist “Haydn’s outrageous ability to surprise, shock, and poke fun at the listener still feels remarkably fresh in an age when ever-increasing extremes have become the norm”.

In line with the artist considerations, we wanted to create a powerful and iconic concept to express these sensations of freshness, surprise and even humour of the music but at the same time transmit the values of serenity and elegance that Paul Lewis conveys. As a result, an imaginary water piano unifies a series of different emotions which might be adapted to the different albums covers of the series in order to transmit coherence and easy identification.





IGOR Studio's video work is a musical piece first and their photography is one of the most imaginative, poetic and beautiful I’ve ever had the chance to deal with.

Christian GirardinHead of Harmonia Mundi