Making of Campaign 2016/17


The “Atreveix-te” (Dare!) Campaign

The “La Festa de la Clàssica” (The Classical Music Party) campaign

Auditori de Barcelona – Seasons 2015/16 & 2016/17

With the objective of bringing the OBC closer to the city, of highlighting the human side of the musicians and of giving importance to each individual in the orchestra, we created two global campaigns for the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons.

For the first season the concept was “The Classical Music Party”, and we presented the orchestra occupying a whole building in the Gràcia district. From the photographs and the style of the building you could identify that it was Barcelona and see some of the characteristic features of the Modernist style, but we wanted it to be discreet in order to focus attention on what the musicians were doing.

For the second season, we took a step forward and played with the concept of “Dare!” and with the whole orchestra on a roller coaster just like the one on the city’s Tibidabo mountain. A metaphor for the similar feelings that the musicians feel before, during and after a concert.

These two successful campaigns really produced videos worth seeing, because it was all tremendous fun and was also a great teamwork experience for the musicians.




2015 – 2016

Making of Campaign 2015/16

Art and advertising merge perfectly in the hands of Igor: he has the good taste of the artist who creates works of art and the good smell of the publicist who knows that it will attract attention. To work with IGOR STUDIO is to enter into a maelstrom of impossible ideas which are so exciting and fantastic that they come true.

Carmina HereuCommunications Director Auditori de Barcelona