The “Souvenirs d’Italie” album

Created with Molina Visuals for Harmonia Mundi

Souvenirs d’Italie is the latest album by international flutist and conductor Maurice Steger for Harmonia Mundi. It has a beautiful story behind it, as he performs some of the works collected by the Austrian Count von Harrach. This diplomat, statesman and passionate art lover brought home with him as souvenirs the scores for flute that he had collected while travelling in Italy.

The imagery of a journey and a diary were thus key elements to be featured in the artwork for the album. Despite the difficulties of a photo session shot out at sea, we considered that presenting Maurice on a sailing boat with his flutes was the best concept for transmitting this message. And we have to admit it was great fun!





Video making of

Acknowledgment, images with a clear style and personality, full of fantasy and good taste. All this represents IGOR Studio and has been achieved with my session: The visual perfection!

Maurice StegerFlutist

IGOR's video work is a musical work first and their photographic work is one of the most imaginative, poetic and beautiful I’ve ever had the chance to deal with.

Christian GirardinHead of Harmonia Mundi