The “Live in Barcelona” Schubert DVDs

Neu Records

In 2013 an ambitious project started in L’Auditori de Barcelona, consisting of recording live the Cuarteto Casals’s concerts of the complete Schubert Quartets, with an important and innovative media deployment both for audio (Neu Records) and video (IGOR Studio). These works are being released in five DVDs under the Neu Records label.

Apart from the filming and the complex video production required for the DVDs, we have also created the artwork for the covers. The idea was to transmit the feeling of a live interpretation onto a static image, and this was achieved by applying a special photographic technique to the four members of Cuarteto Casals who are featured individually in each of the DVDs.





Teaser DVD 1 “The death and the maiden”

To work with IGOR Studio’s team represents an adventure full of surprises and innovative ideas. It’s always fun and fascinating for the musician. Everyone gives their best to constantly achieve an excellent result. It’s really a pleasure to repeat sessions with them!

Abel TomàsCuarteto Casals - Violin

IGOR STUDIO is visual music, a unique approach in the field of art music: an overwhelming imagination, a delicate sensitivity, and a clear idea about how to capture and create sounding images.

SANTI BARGUÑÓArtistic Director Neu Records