“Igor Cortadellas and his team are highly talented and full of new ideas, making photos with them is a great pleasure and inspiration! I wish them a very fruitful and creative career and will follow their work in the future with the greatest interest and the highest expectations”


“Igor is a musician as well. He knows millions of things about the specific psychology of this kind of artist, especially about the ephemeral side of things and about their fragility. That may sound like a detail, but in fact it’s vitally important! He talks with the musicians, he thinks like them, he has an eye that is also an ear and he knows how to synchronise the speed of the camera movement to the musical tempo.
IGOR STUDIO's video work is above all a piece of music, and their photography is one of the most imaginative, poetic and beautiful I’ve ever had the chance to come across.

CHRISTIAN GIRARDINHead of Harmonia Mundi

“I profoundly admire what Igor and his team do in their projects and how they do it. If I had to define it in two words I would say: magic art!”


“To work with IGOR STUDIO’s team represents an adventure full of surprises and innovative ideas. It’s always fun and fascinating for a musician. Everyone gives their best to constantly achieve an excellent result. It’s really a pleasure to rehearse sessions with them!”

ABEL TOMÀSCuarteto Casals - Violin

“Images with a clear style and personality, full of fantasy and good taste. All this represents IGOR Studio and has been achieved in my session: The visual perfection! ”


“IGOR STUDIO captures the essence of the music and the interpreter, while creating poetry with images.”

ALBERT GUINOVARTPianist and Composer

“Pure creativity, pure passion and pure knowledge of classical music. Give creative freeway to Igor and his team and let yourself be amazed by the result!”

JOSEP MOLINACEO & Founder Molina Visuals

“IGOR STUDIO takes the fusion of music and image to incredible lengths, creating a language of its own that is deeply moving.”

NÚRIA OLLERFundació La Caixa - Head of Music Area

“IGOR STUDIO is visual music, a unique approach in the field of art music: an overwhelming imagination, a delicate sensitivity, and a clear idea about how to capture and create sounding images.”

SANTI BARGUÑÓArtistic Director Neu Records

“Creativity and musicality. Teamwork and warmth. Professionality and musical knowledge. Igor Studio is able to combine different skills to create amazing, elegant surprising and effective productions”

AGUSTÍ FILOMENOMarketing Director Liceu Opera Barcelona

“Art and advertising merge perfectly in the hands of Igor: he has the good taste of the artist who creates works of art and the good smell of the publicist who knows that it will attract attention.To work with IGOR STUDIO is to enter into a maelstrom of impossible ideas which are so exciting and fantastic that they come true.”

CARMINA HEREUCommunications Director Auditori de Barcelona

“Igor Cortadellas brings to the work a personal look, professionalism, imagination and great doses of positive energy.”

JOSEP MARIA PRATGeneral Director Ibercamera

“To work with Igor and his team allows to turn concepts into poetry through the the image.
Igor Cortadellas, the sensitivity of a musician photographer and a photographer musician, all in one.”