“Igor Cortadellas and his team are highly talented and full of new ideas, making photos with them is a great pleasure and inspiration! I wish them a very fruitful and creative career and will follow their work in the future with the greatest interest and expectations”


“Igor is a musician as well. He knows millions of things about the specific psychology of this kind of artists, especially about the ephemera and about fragility. That may seem to be a detail, therefore it’s just essential! He talks with the musicians, he thinks like them, he has an eye which is also an ear and he knows how to synchronise the speed of the camera movement to the musical tempo.
IGOR Studio's video work is a musical piece first and their photography is one of the most imaginative, poetic and beautiful I’ve ever had the chance to deal with. ”

CHRISTIAN GIRARDINHead of Harmonia Mundi

“I profoundly admire what Igor and his team do in their projects and how they do it. If I had to define it in two words I would say: magic art!”


“To work with IGOR Studio’s team represents and adventure full of surprises and innovative ideas. It’s always fun and fascination for the musician. Everyone gives their best to constantly achieve an excellent result. It’s really a pleasure to repeat sessions with them!”

ABEL TOMÀSCuarteto Casals - Violin

“Images with a clear style and personality, full of fantasy and good taste. All this represents IGOR Studio and has been achieved with my session: The visual perfection! ”


“IGOR Studio captures the essence of the music and the interpreter while creating poetry with images”

ALBERT GUINOVARTPianist and Composer

“Pure creativity, pure passion and pure knowledge of classical music. Give creative free way to Igor and his team and let yourself be amazed!”

JOSEP MOLINACEO & Founder Molina Visuals

“IGOR Studio fuses music and image up to unusual boundaries with an own language that deeply moves you.”

NÚRIA OLLERFundació La Caixa - Head of Music Area